Thieves Steal More Than 500 Gallons of Gas in California Heist

California police are searching for four suspects who avoided rising prices at the pump by allegedly stealing 528 gallons of gas from a Pasadena Mobil station early Monday morning.

The suspects activated the station’s pumps with a type of card or other mechanism before pumping $2,465 of supreme unleaded gas into containers on two flatbed trucks, said Lt. Kelly Evans, head of Criminal Investigations at the Pasadena police department.

Pasadena authorities believe the suspects – shown wearing hooded sweatshirts in a surveillance video – are affiliated with organized crime.

The white trucks seen in the video are “very similar,” Evans said, to vehicles used in a theft two weeks ago at a Mobil station in North Hollywood where suspects took off with 1,700 gallons of gas.

“[This crime] seems to have been more prevalent since gas prices have started to rise,” Evans told

Evans said federal investigations have uncovered cases in which stolen gas – in large quantities – has been sold to smaller gas stations.