The end of snow days? Remote learning could be new way of life

School from your home computer means no commute for students.

School from your home computer means no commute for students.

Distance learning is creating a new misery for kids – no snow days.

The Early College of Arvada 7th grader Alonso Betancur-Garcia couldn’t take advantage of crazy Colorado weather this week.

“I would wake up late, eat breakfast, got back to sleep, watch TV,” he said.

“With remote learning you’re going to have to be doing it on your computer if you do get a snow day,” Betancur-Garcia added.


The new normal created by coronavirus means even bad weather keeps the education system on track.

“Tomorrow we are expecting snow and icy roads so we figure it’s probably better just to work from home, instead of risk getting in an accident. It’s also great for our staff as well,” Todd Cordrey, executive director at The Early College of Arvada said.

He added he bought the tools to keep the kids learning digitally: Chromebooks, wireless hotspots and a new online curriculum.

“From an educator’s perspective, we see it as a positive," Cordrey said. "The more opportunity we have to educate our kids the better off it is for them and our community."

No snow days left one of his kids in bad spirits.

“Miserable,” an unidentified student said. “We are not going to have any time to ourselves.”