Texas Woman Allegedly Calls Ex-Boyfriend 1,001 Times, Shatters Windows With a Sword

After what seems to have been a particularly painful breakup, a woman is accused of egging her ex-boyfriend's house, shattering his windows with a five-foot sword and calling him 1,001 times in a three-month span.

Toni Jo Silvey, 49, was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony stalking. Police say Silvey broke several windows in her former lover's home on two occasions -- first with a tire iron, then with a sword, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Silvey also allegedly egged the home several times and took photos of the attacks to post on her Facebook page.

Houston leather artist Peter Main, Silvey's ex-boyfriend, told police Silvey called him 1,001 times and sent him 712 emails over a period of three months, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Main said he never changed his phone number or email address because he feared it could be "detrimental to his business," the Houston Chronicle reports.

Silvey reportedly started a blog documenting her break-up with Main, taunting him over his new lover and describing the alleged attacks on her ex in great detail. Police say they found "numerous references to the damages to the complainant's property."

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