Texas neighborhood tense over World War II tank parked outside multimillion-dollar home

A history buff in Texas shelled out some $600,000 for a fully functional World War II tank -- but now that it's parked outside his multimillion-dollar home, it's ruffling feathers in his neighborhood.

Attorney Tony Buzbee of River Oaks said he bought the tank overseas last year.

“Took a year to get here, but now it’s on River Oaks Boulevard,” Buzbee told KHOU Houston‏. “This particular tank landed at Normandy. It liberated Paris, and ultimately went all the way to Berlin. There’s a lot of history here.”

However, the homeowners association sent him a letter saying the tank “impedes traffic” and causes a “safety issue” and “serious concerns for neighbors,” according to the report.

“It’s not violating any ordinance, but for some people it makes the homeowners association uncomfortable,” Buzbee said.

He added that he'll move the tank to his ranch in east Texas before long.

“The problem is there is no action they can take,” Buzbee told KHOU. “They can ticket it or they can try to tow it, but the truth is unless I decide to move it, it’s not going anywhere.”