Suspect took off prosthetic leg with GPS tracker so he could kill a man, cops say

A suspect in Washington, D.C. allegedly slipped away from his GPS tracking device and murdered a man -- because the tracker was attached to his prosthetic leg, which he simply took off, investigators revealed Wednesday.

Quincy Green, 34, was issued the tracking device after officers arrested him in April for carrying a pistol without a license. So, investigators say, when Green decided to shoot and kill Dana Hamilton on May 19, he simply took off the leg with the electronic monitor and left the limb at his home to avoid alerting authorities to his movements, FOX5 reported.

Officials believe Green then attached a new prosthetic, limped down to Southern Avenue in Washington and shot the 44-year-old Hamilton dead, The Washington Post reported.

Officers and witnesses reported seeing Green moving around in the hours around the murder, The Post reported, though those sightings were dismissed. After all, the tracker never left Green's home.

Then authorities viewed surveillance footage near the crime scene and determined the killer was walking with a limp. A subsequent search of Green’s residence turned up the leg in a box with the GPS tracker attached.

Records showed the leg had barely moved in 72 hours – but officials believe Green did plenty of moving during that time. He now faces a second-degree murder charge.

So how did a tracking bracelet end up on a removable limb in the first place?

“Very simply it was human error,” Cliff Keenan, Director of the D.C. Pre-trial Services Agency, told FOX5.

Keenan told The Post nothing like this had ever happened before.

“One would assume that the person doing the installation would know not to put it on to a prosthetic device,” he said.

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