Staples and Office Depot remain committed to proposed deal

Staples and Office Depot are telling customers that they remain committed to their proposed buyout deal, despite government opposition.

The Federal Trade Commission believes that a tie-up between the two office suppliers would stifle competition and that businesses would be forced to pay more for paperclips, note pads and other office supplies.

In a letter to customers on Friday, Staples Inc. and Office Depot Inc. said that the FTC's attempts to stop the transaction are based on "a flawed analysis of the marketplace and a deep misunderstanding of the competitive landscape." The businesses said that the FTC is only using certain facts to support its argument.

"In making its case, the FTC refuses to even acknowledge the rise of new competitors, such as Amazon, and the disruptive effects of the digital economy," the companies said in a written statement.

Staples and Office Depot's proposed deal has been approved in several countries, including Australia and China, as long as they sell some operations.

The FTC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.