Sole head-on collision survivor recalls driver saying, 'I guess we're going to die'

The sole survivor of a deadly wrong-way crash in Chicago recalled the driver saying, “I guess we’re going to die; I guess we’re going to die” moments before impact early Monday morning, reported.

Eduardo Rodriguez, who was released from the hospital after suffering a broken arm and finger, said he felt lucky to be alive after the head-on collision that claimed the lives of three childhood friends after a night of partying during the Super Bowl, the station reported.

“I remember we just jumped on the wrong way and went on the wrong lane that's about it and we crashed,” Rodriguez said, the station reported.

The accident occurred on I-80. Besides the three friends, the driver of a Ford Escort was also killed in the collision.

Rodriguez described a chaotic scene with one friend shouting that he was on fire while he managed to escape the vehicle through a window.

Rodriguez said his friend refused to give the keys to the designated driver, the station reported.

“Our driver, we would have put another driver,” Rodriguez said. “But it's too late now, I can't go back.”

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