Snowstorm Strands JetBlue Passengers on Runway for Seven Hours

Flight 504 from Fort Lauderdale could not land at its intended destination, Newark International, due to poor visibility and was forced to divert to Bradley International at around 2:00pm local time, the Hartford Courant reported.

It was not until after 9:00pm that the 126 passengers on board were told buses would be coming to take them to the nearby terminal.

One passenger said people were given no food or water throughout the ordeal and also had to deal with clogged bathrooms.

Andrew Carter, a professional football writer, told the Hartford Courant, "We ran out of water. The bathrooms are all clogged up and disgusting. The power would go off every 45 minutes or so for five minutes or so, and that would freak people out. I've heard about these kind of stories."

Another passenger, Todd Bailey, told WTIC-TV from onboard the stranded plane that the situation was tense.

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"People are on their last edge. It's just crazy ... Everybody is freaking out here. They're tired of it."

A JetBlue spokesperson told FOX News Channel, "JetBlue is doing everything possible to ensure our customers affected by today's unusual combination of weather and infrastructure issues are being well cared for. We apologize for the experience.

"We could not deplane the aircraft until it was safe to do so. Once our customers are safely inside the terminal, we will do everything within our power to support them."

A rare and deadly October snowstorm hit a wide swath of the East Coast on Saturday, knocking out power to nearly two million households and causing major travel headaches.