Seek Out a Different Environment, Increase Your Experience -- and Change Your Life

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I was just about to take the stage for my closing talk at a day-long training designed for entrepreneurs, who yearned to make more money leveraging an expertise. There are millions of people who have amassed thousands of hours of experience and information, on specific topics.

The world calls them experts -- but most of them are broke. They come to our events to learn to transition from expert to highly-paid authorities. By this point in the day, they had been given a complete blue print on how to pull off that transition.

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As I prepared for my final segment, I reviewed my notes. My goal was to go over the roadmap and make sure that the attendees had captured the most essential elements, but as I looked at the crowd, I realized that they needed to understand how to make the change.

Throughout the day, we had provided them with science of this transition but not touched deeply enough on the heart. The thoughts I shared in my closing comments focused on the mindset of the entrepreneur. As I finished my presentation, I realized that I had used this same process to virtually change anything that I have wanted in my life. I knew that I needed to share this idea with you.

If you are an entrepreneur, then you are battling issues on a daily basis. You are constantly trying to determine how to make changes for the better, without making things worse. Well, this may relieve you to learn that making any change is as simple as changing your environment and increasing your experience. It’s as simple as the "two E’s."

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1. Change your environment.

Anything that you need to change in your personal or professional life can be tied back to your environment. If you change your environment, you eliminate the impact that the previous environment has.

If you are standing outside getting wet, you go inside, and you stop getting wet. If you are dealing with an abusive relationship, you leave the relationship, and the abuse stops. Now I realize that you will instantly say that I am over-simplifying things. But am I?

2. Increase your experience.

The next part of changing anything is simply getting a bit more experience. In 2001, I realized that I was a dead-broke police detective. I knew that I had a son coming, and I wanted to be financially free.

I knew I needed to become an entrepreneur, so I sought out the only business owner that I knew (the owner of an insurance company) and asked him to mentor me. He agreed. I started a mortgage company, made lots of money, left the policing business, and my life was changed forever. You can rapidly increase your experience by finding a good mentor or simply reading every book on the subject of the change.

Regardless of what you need to change, the art of the change is as simple as the two E’s. So why is it then that so many entrepreneurs are struggling? Why is it that so many people meander day-after-day through the same quagmire of crap? It’s simple: It just doesn’t hurt enough.

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I hope that when you finally get sick of the life your living, the business that is failing or the relationship that is struggling that someone sends you this article. We all have the ability to change our environment and seek out new experience. You can get the changes you want in your life, and you will make them happen on the very day that the pain of the change becomes less than the pain of staying the same.