Search on for road rage gunman who fled after shooting driver while family watched, police say

A road rage incident turned violent in the Dallas-Fort Worth area Monday evening when a suspect fired his weapon at another driver at close range while the driver’s wife and two children watched in horror, police said.

The victim was treated at a local hospital before being released Monday night, the Dallas Morning News reported. His wife and two children were not injured, according to the report.

The suspect fled the scene westbound on Interstate 20, police said. Witnesses said he is a Hispanic male in his mid-20s, with medium height and wearing black rim glasses, according to police.

“It’s possible the suspect’s vehicle might have minor damage to the driver’s side of the vehicle,” police said in a news release.

Authorities said the Arlington, Texas, victim was merging into a westbound lane of the interstate when the suspect, driving a hatchback, sideswiped the victim’s car, causing damage to a side mirror and right front fender.

The victim then pulled over to exchange information with the suspect. After the suspect got out, he kicked the man’s side door and banged on the window while the victim remained in the car with his wife and two 3-year-old children, FOX 4 of Dallas reported.

When the victim rolled down his window, the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at him. The suspect fired one round at the victim, which grazed his head, police said.

“He begins to turn his head as soon as he saw the gun. That’s probably what saved his life,” police Lt. Christopher Cook said.