Scottsdale, Arizona, police: 2 arrested after boy home alone hides in closet, calls 911

A 12-year-old Scottsdale boy home alone hid in a closet and tried to stay calm while two men began breaking into the residence, according to 911 audio released Tuesday.

The incident occurred Monday morning and started when the boy heard a knock on the front door but did not answer it, police said.

"There's two strangers and I don't know them ... I think they're trying to open the door," the boy told an emergency dispatcher.

The boy then hid when he saw the men in the backyard before they entered the home and began to burglarize it, according to police.

"I'm in the closet," the boy said. "Please help."

This dispatcher initially assumes the boy is a woman in need of help. It isn't until halfway through the 15-minute call that she learns the boy's age. According to the boy, his parents left for work and he was not expecting anyone.

Clearly petrified, the boy doesn't talk above a whisper throughout the call. At one point, he tells the dispatcher that the two suspects see him.

"Please don't hurt me," the boy said. "Oh my God, I don't know what to do."

The 911 dispatcher then tells the boy not to hang up the phone no matter what. Shortly after, the boy says police officers are there and they see the suspects.

Officers arrested two men. One was taken into custody as he left the home, and the other was found in a backyard several houses away.

The boy wasn't harmed. His name wasn't released.