Sailors found dead at home days apart

Police in south Georgia are investigating after two U.S. Navy sailors were found dead of suspected drug overdoses at the same home four days apart.

The Navy said that Petty Officer First Class Brian Jarrell, 25, and Petty Officer Second Class Ty Bell, 26, were found in Bell's residence near the Kings Bay Submarine Base, just north of the Florida state line.

Jarrell was found face down in the back bedroom of the Kingsland home on Oct. 12. His wife told investigators that Jarrell had left a birthday party for his daughter at Disney World the day before and had not been seen since.

Four days later, police were called to the same home and discovered Bell lying unresponsive on the couch with a white, foamy substance coming out of his nose.

The Navy said that the Kingsland Police Department was leading the investigation with the assistance of the Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

"The Navy is supporting the law enforcement investigations, while also reinforcing the resources and systems we have in place to deter, detect, and treat illegal drug use," the statement said, later adding, "The Navy and submarine force has robust drug prevention programs in place and ensure that every Sailor is aware of and given an opportunity to seek help if they need additional support or are going through a difficult time in their personal and professional lives."

Bell was assigned to the ballistic missile submarine USS Wyoming, while Jarrell was assigned to the Trident Training Facility at Kings Bay.

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