Robert Herjavec: Listen to Your Mentors, But Go Your Own Way

Starting a business is a daring move with a high potential for failure. But if there’s anything that can help strengthen your chances of making it as an entrepreneur, it’s learning from those who’ve done it.

That’s why having a mentor is so valuable, says Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec. Herjavec’s first mentor was Warren Avis, the founder of Avis Rent a Car. It was Avis who helped him realize that, if he ever was going to achieve his business dreams, he was going to have to start empowering others to help him.

Herjavec, of course, went on to launch several successful businesses, including The Herjavec Group -- an IT security firm with annual sales of $140 million.

The super savvy Shark recently spoke with Entrepreneur while promoting the Small Business Revolution, a year-long campaign by business-services provider Deluxe that honors America’s business owners. Check out the video above for his thoughts on how entrepreneurs can make the most of their mentor relationships.


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