Radio caller charged after allegedly bragging how she faked PTSD to avoid jury duty on air

A Colorado woman was charged with two felonies after allegedly calling into a local radio station and bragging about how she posed as mentally unstable to get excused from jury duty, KDVR reports.

An arrest warrant was issued for Susan Cole after she reportedly called Denver's "Dave Logan Show" and described how she dressed and acted oddly for jury duty in the hopes she would appear to have mental problems.

"I put black eyebrows on, red lipstick on, left my hair in curlers and wore a tee shirt that read 'Ask Me About My Best Seller,' " Cole allegedly told the station, calling herself "Char from Denver." "I put my lipstick on like someone who really didn't know how to put lipstick on."

During the jury selection, Cole allegedly told prosecutors she had post-traumatic stress disorder from being in the military, was the victim of domestic violence and had been homeless.

The judge dismissed her immediately from the case.

"For about two weeks after when my roommate and I would think about it, or I would tell my clients about it, we would cry we would laugh so hard," Cole reportedly told the show.

Unfortunately for Cole, one listener didn't find the stunt as hilarious as she did. An investigator from the District Attorney's office was listening to the show, and tracked her down.

The Denver Post reports that prosecutors charged Cole on Wednesday with perjury and attempting to influence a public servant, both felonies.

Cole is expected to surrender to police late this week.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.