Prosecutors reduce felony charges for NFL heiress

The NFL heiress who allegedly bashed a man on the head and made an anti-Semitic remark outside a Manhattan restaurant, had her charges reduced Wednesday, the New York Daily News reported.

The paper cited prosecutors who said they were unable to prove allegations that Jacqueline Kent Cooke, 29, had been motivated by hate.

The daughter of the late Washington Redskins owner, Jack Kent Cooke, was charged with a felony in January after she allegedly called an elderly woman a “Jew” before striking her son Matthew Haberkorn, 52, on the head with a glass purse, drawing blood.

Prosecutors reduced Cooke’s felony to a misdemeanor. 

Cooke’s lawyer, Robert Caliendo, applauded the prosecutor’s decision, calling the hate-crime charges “wholly unwarranted.”

“The DA correctly decided against them. For a number of reasons, it’s equally appropriate that all felony charges were tossed. After all Jackie was badly injured after being stalked down the street by a middle-aged man, who was aggressively spewing vile language towards her.”

Caliendo also referenced Cooke’s finger injury that she allegedly obtained the night of her altercation with Haberkorn. Cooke declined prosecutors’ recommendation of 3 months in jail in exchange for a plea deal.

She is due back in court July 12.