Professor seeking lost tarantula at UMass-Lowell says it it's not dangerous, but it can bite

A biology professor at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell says a missing tarantula isn't dangerous, but he's giving fair warning: It can bite.

Rick Hochberg, a professor of biological sciences, posted a sign asking to be contacted if the black-and-orange creature is spotted. A poster offering a reward for the live capture of the tarantula says it was last seen in a wall vent.

Hochberg says the fugitive is unlikely to approach people and is not dangerous. However, the poster says it can bite and should not be handled by the inexperienced.

The Sun of Lowell ( ) reports the insect is named Aragog from the Harry Potter films. But Hochberg says that unlike the fictional insect, his tarantula doesn't respond when called.

He's not sure if the tarantula is still alive.


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