Pregnant mother reportedly faces jail time for letting 3-year-old urinate in parking lot

A pregnant mom in Georgia -- who is expected to give birth later this month -- is now facing a court date for a disorderly conduct charge after she reportedly let her 3-year-old urinate in a gas station parking lot.

Brooke Johns told FOX5 Atlanta she was driving around Augusta on Wednesday when her son alerted her he needed to make a pit stop. Johns says she pulled into a gas station parking lot and, after being unable to carry the child inside, let him urinate outside while covering him. That attracted the attention of a nearby police officer.

"I said 'accidents happen.' And he was like – ‘take him in the bathroom,’" Johns said to the station. "What if I would have ran in the bathroom and someone had been in there? What was I going to let him do? Pee on the floor of the gas station?"


Johns now has a court date at the end of the month -- just days before she is due with her next child, FOX5 Atlanta reported.

The judge that is assigned to the case could drop the charges, but if not, Johns reportedly faces up to a thousand dollars in fines and 60 days of jail time.