Police round up 2 horses, man dressed as cowboy crossing bridge to NYC

An elderly cowboy caused a traffic nightmare on the Outerbridge Crossing on Monday as he rode across the busy span on horseback — while towing another horse.

The surreal scene unfolded at about 11:15 a.m. when the unidentified equestrian, sporting a cowboy hat and a bandana, began riding one nag over the span while holding the reins of another, that followed behind him.

When asked how the rider and two horses was able to get through the toll lanes on the New Jersey side without police stopping him, one police official wisecracked:

“He went through the EZ-OATS lane.”

The incident caused some stunned motorists to turn to Twitter to record the horse-crossing, while others called 911, alerting Port Authority cops.

The officers responded by using a police car to establish a safety zone behind the horseback rider, which served as an escort over the bridge towards the Staten Island toll booth, where police were checking him for warrants.

It was unclear what crime the horse-back rider might be charged with.

“This is one for the lawyers, because technically, horses are modes of transportation,” said one official.

The horseback rider resembles Doc Mishler, a man in his 80s, who has taken to riding cross-country and in Europe as a means of promoting a Christian charity that seeks to feed homeless children.

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