Police say they've seen no signs of remorse from a federal police officer accused of a two-day shooting spree in a string of suburban parking lots in Maryland that left three people dead and three wounded.

Sixty-two-year-old Eulalio Tordil (yoo-LALL'-ee-oh torr-DEEL') of Adelphi is scheduled to make an initial court appearance Monday in Rockville on charges including first-degree murder.

Police say the shootings began Thursday when Tordil fatally shot his estranged wife in a high-school parking lot. A bystander was wounded.

The shootings continued Friday at two different mall parking lots. At the first, one man was killed and his friend was wounded coming to the aid of a woman, who also was wounded. At the second, a woman was shot and killed in her car.

Police said Saturday the Friday shootings were likely botched carjackings.