Pennsylvania women discover they're sisters after over 70 years apart, call it holiday miracle

Two Pennsylvania women say the pre-Christmas discovery that they're sisters is nothing short of a holiday miracle.

The Progress in Clearfield ( reports 78-year-old Barbara Smith, of Pottsville, and 77-year-old Sandra Fitzgerald, of Apollo, met for the first time on Sunday. They hugged, shared stories and laughed.

Fitzgerald's son-in-law was studying genealogy when he discovered Fitzgerald had a sister. The two women had the same mother, but relatives adopted Smith. Fitzgerald, who was born a year later, was adopted outside of the family. She says she hasn't slept since her son-in-law told her the news.

Smith says she always thought she was an only child. She learned about her sister three days before Christmas.

They both say Sunday's meeting in Clearfield was one of the best days of their lives.


Information from: The Progress,