Pennsylvania Mom Who Lost Job After Donating Kidney Is Put Back on Salary

The Philadelphia mom who lost her job after donating a kidney to her son has been put back on full salary until another position opens up at her company, MyFoxPhilly reported Wednesday.

Claudia Rendon lost her job after taking time off to give one of her kidneys to her son Kyle. She also used her vacation time to care for her terminally ill mother, and then had to take leave to help her son with the donation.

"Any parent in the world would do that for your son. If they say your son needs your heart, you would give it to them in a second, rip it out,” Rendon told MyFoxPhilly. “I don't care, I’ll do it as long as my son lives."

Rendon took a leave of absence from her job at the Aviation Institute of Maintenance, an aircraft repair training company, but when doctors cleared her to return to work last week, her boss told her that the position had been filled.

The boss, Kyle Berry, initially told MyFoxPhilly that he had no comment, and the company said that it was within its legal rights to lay off Rendon.

On Tuesday – just a day later – Berry said that he was wrong.

“We had time to reconsider. It was simply a mistake," Berry told MyFoxPhilly.

A prepared statement outlined that Rendon would be paid her full salary until another job opened up at the company or until she can reapply to her old position.

Berry explained that the letter wasn’t the same thing as giving her the job back.

“It’s according to our policy and procedure,” he told the station, adding when asked that he wasn’t sure if the policy would be change.

“That’s not on me, that’s on someone above me,” he said.

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance’s president said he had just heard about the situation and had called Rendon, but the mother said she was skeptical and had a lawyer to advise her.

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