Outrage in tony Malibu over hunting permit for mountain lion

Minutes from the ocean views of Malibu mansions, a rancher has obtained a rare permit to fatally shoot a mountain lion killing livestock.

The permit is angering animal lovers, park rangers working to protect the species and nearby Los Angeles urbanites who've developed an affinity for the big cats.

Malibu ranch owner Victoria Vaughn-Perling obtained the 10-day permit Monday after finding 10 of her alpacas dead over the weekend.

A mountain lion known as P-45 is believed responsible for killing the llama-like animals.

Vaughn-Perling says she has tried to protect her alpacas from P-45 following previous attacks by installing motion lights and electrified fencing.

But she says P-45 "seems to enjoy the slaughter."
Park rangers say Vaughn-Perling could protect her alpacas by building a roofed enclosure for them.