NYPD Cop Who Exposed Ticket-Fix Scandal to be Promoted in Secret Ceremony

The undercover New York City Police Department officer who set off the widespread investigation into ticket-fixing in the Bronx is being promoted Tuesday in a secret ceremony.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will attend the festivities for the officer, who is assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau, law enforcement sources said.

The specific details are being kept mum to protect the officer's identity, sources added.

The officer infiltrated the barbershop of allegedly crooked cop Jose Ramos, who was at the heart of the Bronx ticket-fixing probe that ensnared him and 15 fellow cops.

The promotion comes just four days after indictments were unsealed Friday against two sergeants, a lieutenant and 13 police officers as a swarm of fellow cops rallied outside the Bronx courthouse in a show of solidarity.

Ramos, an 18-year veteran of the force, sparked the investigation because of his reputed ties to Bronx drug dealer Lee King.

The undercover, who had previously worked as a barber before joining the police department, managed to earn Ramos' trust and get hired at his barbershop, which served as ground zero for alleged illegal activities.

Ramos was eventually caught on a wiretap talking about fixing a ticket, which led to the widespread probe.

Ramos, who had been under police surveillance since 2008, pleaded not guilty and is being held on $500,000 cash bail.

The charges against him include attempted robbery, attempted grand larceny and attempted heroin possession.

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