New Yorkers aren't afraid with psycho squirrel on the loose

Brooklyn ain’t afraid of no squirrel.

Prospect Park is fearless in the face of reports of an aggressive, “possibly rabid” squirrel — with many parkgoers asserting Saturday that they’d give the cretinous critter a swift boot to the nuts.

“I would kick it and kill it,” swore Lakendra Tookes as she took her Chihuahua, Savannah, for a walk.

“I’m not gonna sit there and be a victim of some squirrel,” said Tookes, a 30-something publicist from Crown Heights.

Even her pint-sized pooch — a Brooklyn pup, after all — would win a squirrel fight, she insisted:

“Between me and my dog, we could take the squirrel.”


Carlos Nieves, 49, agreed that fancy footwork was all it would take to outfox a snarling squirrel.

“I’d pick up my [fishing] gear and I would stomp on it,” said Nieves, a Sheepshead Bay-based electrician.

“I have a big foot,” he noted.

City Health Department officials say five people were bitten by a squirrel in Prospect Park between Tuesday and Thursday of last week — including a 7-year-old girl.

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