New York high school appeals league decision to bench male player on all-girls volleyball team

A New York high school is appealing a league’s decision to not allow a senior male student to play on his school’s all-girl volleyball team because he far exceeded strength tests prior to the season, reported.


Jenson Daniel was the only male who played for the Yonkers High School last year. This year, the state high school league said he needed to take a test including long jump, an arm hang, a 1.5-mile run. He gave it his all. Then word came back, he couldn't be on the girls team because he far exceeded the averages.

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The high school athletic league said it is following a state regulation. The league determined that Daniel playing on the girls team would have "an adverse effect on the competition."

The school , however, is appealing.

"He's actually part of the team.  Not only physically and skill but emotionally as a team member," James Rose from Yonkers Public Schools said.  "So I think it is very important for the team to play."

His teammates, including captain Tara Herrera, call Daniel one of the girls.

"He brings a different energy to the team because he's a boy.  He motivates the girls to play that much harder," Herrera said.

Daniel, who is 6 feet tall,  said he doesn't play to his full potential out there and that he would love to play for a boys team if one were available. But, he said that playing with girls helps him hone his skills in a sport he loves.

The family hopes to find out if No. 20 will be allowed to play in Friday night's game.

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