New York City cyclist hit by cab driver claims incident was sparked by road-rage

A cyclist who was among several people struck by a taxi driver Tuesday in New York City claims the incident was sparked by road-rage.

The cyclist, who declined to give his name, told DNAInfo that he was riding alongside the cab in Midtown Manhattan when the driver tried to make a left turn.

"I told him, 'Stop,'" he said. "He gets angry. He honked his horn and accelerates."

The cyclist was then struck and flew onto the windshield of the vehicle, bystanders told The cab plowed into the sidewalk and hit "multiple people" at "great speed," they said.

One woman lost part of her leg, an official at the scene added.

"We were crossing right in the middle of the crosswalk -- we had the crossing signal -- and as we were crossing with other pedestrians, the cab started to pull into the crosswalk," said Jeffrey Hayes, of Longmeadow, Mass.

The incident occurred around 11:15 a.m., two blocks from Fox News Channel headquarters.

"The was a man riding along this way on his bicycle with a backpack and he got picked up by the cabbie and was thrown up on the hood and up on his windshield," said Hayes, who was in town visiting his daughter.

"The cab really accelerated at a great speed. We couldn't believe it," he said. "It smashed into the barrier here. There was a woman -- maybe a few women -- that were standing there."

"It just nailed her," Hayes said of the woman who lost her leg.

Mohammed Elsayed -- who works at a hot dog stand on 50th St. and Sixth Ave.-- and others, including a pizza truck driver, ran to get ice and saved the leg.

"I ran and got ice from the street vendors around and picked up the leg and put it in the ice and a box," he told

New York City's Fire Department said two people were injured, one of which is in critical condition at Bellevue Hospital.’s Cristina Corbin and Sasha Bogursky contributed to this report.