Mom describes officer's heroic rescue of infant trapped under boat for an hour

A mom in Florida said Wednesday her “worst nightmare” turned into an “absolute miracle,” after her infant daughter survived being trapped under an overturned boat for almost an hour.

Tammy Bossard, her husband, Brian, and young daughters Charlotte and Kennedy were on a boat heading home late Friday night along Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway near Cocoa Beach when they struck a wire connected to a power line, flipping the boat over.

“I tried to get Charlotte onto the boat quickly, then Brian popped up on the boat and pulled her up, then helped me up and then we knew Kennedy wasn’t there” Tammy Bossard told "Fox & Friends."

Kennedy, 7 months old and wearing a life jacket, was staying afloat in an air pocket under the overturned boat’s center control console, unbeknownst to Tammy.

“I’m in the river. Our boat crashed and I have a baby still under the water! Please God, send someone now!” she was heard in an emergency call to Cocoa Beach police.

Officer Matthew Rush arrived with his colleagues and started the search. Nearly an hour later, he felt around the surface and touched Kennedy's legs, realizing she was under the boat.

“We have been able to meet all the rescuers and it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. Then for Matt to pull her out from under the boat it’s a dream come true. It’s an absolute miracle,” Tammy Bossard told Fox News.