Milwaukee man's 30-foot tall ice sculpture destroyed by city workers

A 30-foot-tall ice sculpture that a Wisconsin man took weeks to create was destroyed quickly on Wednesday after Milwaukee labeled it a safety risk.

David Schardt, 41, of Bay View, created the sculpture by controlling a stream of dripping water that came from a garden hose connected to his upstairs bathroom, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. The water dripped over a string that was hanging from a pole.

“The neighbors all thought it was awesome,” he told the newspaper.

But not Milwaukee officials.

The Department of Neighborhood Services told WITI that Schardt’s plumbing setup violated city codes and the sculpture was located in a city park that borders his home.

“The weight of this structure lends it to falling in some unpredictable manner, so it’s better we take it down now and know that it’ll be done safely and quickly,” said Todd Weiler, a spokesman for the department.

The city also said if the sculpture fell over, it could be held liable for any injuries, according to WITI.

On Wednesday morning, Department of Neighborhood Services used chainsaws and ropes to dismantle the sculpture.

Schardt, who called the sculpture a “beautiful thing,” says he wasn’t going to fight the city’s decision.

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