Man drank from streams, huddled in thick brush to stay warm while lost in Utah wilderness

A 77-year-old Utah man has been found alive after being lost in the wilderness for three days and four nights.

Christian Herrera of Provo was found Sunday afternoon in the Painter Basin area of the Uinta (YOO'-ihn-tah) Mountains. He was reported missing around 9 p.m. Thursday after becoming separated from the people he was riding horses with.

According to a news release from the Summit County Sheriff's Office, Herrera was spotted from the air and later flown to a trailhead in a medical helicopter. He was treated for minor injuries and dehydration.

The release says Herrera's family was elated to be reunited with him. The family has declined to comment.

Kacey Bates of the Sheriff's Office says Herrera drank from the streams and found thick vegetation to keep him warm at night.