Man charged with trying to stab police officer at station

A man who tried to stab a police officer with a steak knife in a police station lobby has been arrested, authorities said Tuesday.

Juan Delvalle went into the Springfield police station on Sunday to report an attack, police said. A few minutes later, when Officer James Burgos turned to accept a food delivery for prisoners in the police lock-up, Delvalle suddenly rushed toward Burgos, trying to stab him, they said. Burgos was not hurt.

Delvalle jammed the 10-inch steak knife to the right side of Borgos' stomach with his right hand, Sgt. James Delaney said in a posting on the department's Facebook page. The knife fell to the floor, and Delvalle ran out of the police station, Delaney said.

A video posted by The Republican shows a man charge toward Burgos, then quickly run out of the police station.

Police found Delvalle at a hospital emergency room Monday and charged him with armed assault with intent to murder and being a disorderly person.

Delvalle, of Springfield, was expected to be arraigned Tuesday. He was in custody and couldn't be reached for comment. It couldn't be determined if he had a lawyer who could comment on the charges for him.