LA student one of 12 worldwide to earn perfect score on AP Calculus exam

To put it in a mathematical perspective California high school senior Cedrick Argueta would probably appreciate, only .00003 percent of all students to take the Advanced Placement Calculus exam last year earned a perfect score.

Argueta was in that tiny minority, one of just 12 to ace the test.

The 17-year-old Lincoln High School student told The Los Angeles Times he was stunned by the news.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “Twelve people in the whole world to do this and I was one of them? It’s amazing.”

Argueta took the test in May, The Times reported. He learned this summer he’d scored a 5 – the top score – but not that he’d achieved perfection.

“Five was kind of expected,” one of Argueta’s math teachers, Anthony Yom, told ABC7. “We kind of joked anything below five would have been a disappointment.”

Argueta, the son of a Salvadoran maintenance worker and Filipina nurse, said math has always made sense to him. He wants to attend the California Institute of Technology and go on to a career in rocket science, according to ABC7.

“There’s also some beauty in it being absolute,” Argueta told The Times. “There’s always a right answer.”