Kansas city gets $107G from family's insurance company after child damages glass sculpture

A city in Kansas received over $100,000 for damages caused by a 5-year-old boy who accidentally knocked over a glass sculpture at a community center in May.

The piece of art, “Aphrodite di Kansas City,” was on display at an Overland Park community center when the boy damaged it on May 19 while attending a wedding reception with his parents.

Overland Park spokesman Sean Reilly told the Kansas City Star on Monday the city received a check for $107,000 from the insurance company of the boy's family. Reilly added that the city plans to send $99,000 to artist Bill Lyons, which is the amount he would've received had the sculpture sold at the center's art fair since the city receives 25 percent commission on sales.

Surveillance video captured the moment the child wrapped his arms around the sculpture, and then struggling to hold it up as it fell.

“He probably hugged it,” the boy’s mother Sarah Goodman told Star at the time. “Maybe my son hugged a torso because he’s a loving, sweet nice boy who just graduated from preschool.”

Goodman had previously said an insurance company wanted her family to pay $132,000 after the sculpture, which was unprotected at the crowded facility, fell on her son, causing minor injuries.


On Saturday, she told the Star she had known nothing about her insurance company payment and questioned if officials had validated the value of the sculpture.

"I haven't been told anything," Goodman told the paper.

City officials have previously said the city's insurer was contractually obligated to contact the responsible party when property on loan to the city – such as the artwork – was damaged.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” Reilly told the Star. “We all wish it had never occurred, but we’re all moving forward.”

Fox News' Robert Gearty and The Associated Press contributed to this report.