ISIS Threat to Homeland; Good News for Clinton in WSJ/NBC Polling

A 19-year-old being charged with providing material support to ISIS.. just the latest instance of homegrown terrorism here in the United States. We’re efforting a reporter on this developing story.. as the FBI cracks down on ISIS elements inside the U.S. before the 4th of July.

Controversy continues to swirl today over President Obama’s use of the N word in an interview with a podcaster yesterday. The President was making a larger point about racism in America, but some are criticizing his use of the lightning rod word.

There’s another debate raging about the appropriateness of the Confederate flag. We’ll also get into that today with some analysis and opinion.

New polling out today from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. There’s good news for Hillary Clinton though there are some red flags for her campaign. Here’s how the Wall Street Journal’s Patrick O’Connor put it, ” The poll underscores Mrs. Clinton's strength as a candidate, both among Democrats and key constituencies that could tip the balance in a general election. But the results also show a clear desire among Democratic voters for a rival to emerge and hint at potential cracks in her support.”

We’ll get into it.

There is a test vote on the fast track trade deal in the Senate today around 11am. It could give us final word on whether the Republicans will be able to get the deal done.
A new report slams airbag maker Takata for years of defects and ignoring safety concerns. 8 have been killed and hundreds injured from defective air bags exploding on impact and sending shrapnel into people. There’s a Senate hearing at 10am we’ll be monitoring.
New details today on just how large that hack attack on the Office of Personnel and Budget. It was four times larger than first thought and included everyone who worked there, applied for a job there, or still work there. Some 18 million people had their data compromised. OPM Director Katherine Archuleta will face questions in the Senate today. Some are calling for her resignation.
We get new home sales numbers today. It’s been a good couple of days for U.S. stocks. Hope for a deal on a Greek bailout, good numbers on homes and merger mania in the health care and drug sectors are keeping things positive.
We’ve got some good video of severe weather across the country. We’ll get it in.
Record fees again this quarter from the airlines. They took in 1.7 billion dollars in the first quarter.. up more than 7% year over year.
Crazy story out of Malta where a couple who’d missed their flight ran onto the runway and flagged down the plane!
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has been diagnosed with late stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, which he called "a very advanced and very aggressive" form of cancer.
Lester Holt debuted as regular anchor of NBC Nightly News last night.
Big solar storm overnight. We’re looking for cool pictures of the Aurora Borealis.