Ill. tornado survivor on anguished quest for cards late brother asked her to give to his kids

Annmarie Klein know she's blessed to have survived the tornado that leveled her family's central Illinois home, and she understands most of the things they lost can be replaced.

That's not true for a mint green box that contained three cards.

The cards swept away by the Nov. 17 tornado in Washington, Ill., were personalized by Klein's brother with notes for each of his three children before his 2005 death from colon cancer.

He entrusted Klein to give them to his kids someday, and the fact that they're missing has her tearfully anguishing that she failed him.

Some of her other keepsakes have turned up 150 miles away, near Warrenville outside of Chicago. They include a picture of her late brother during the baptism of one of her five children.