‘I happened to wake up’: Utah cops release 911 call as dad confronts daughter’s alleged kidnapper

A frightening 911 call captures the terror a distraught Utah mom was feeling when a stranger tried to snatch her 5-year-old daughter from her bed early Friday morning.

"There was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter and I happened to wake up," Stephanie Edson told the 911 dispatcher as the terrifying event was unfolding. "He had my daughter outside and my husband ran out there and got her from him."

The Salt Lake Tribune posted the seven-minute-long 911 call on its website.

"He came in my home," an emotion-wracked Edson told the dispatcher. "My daughter sleeps in the basement, and took my daughter out of the basement."

Aaron Edson rescued his daughter from the intruder, who was identified by police as Troy Morley, of Roy, Utah. The girl was not harmed. Police said Morley entered the home through an unlocked door at about 4:30 a.m. in Sandy, a middle-class suburb south of Salt Lake City.

Edson can be heard crying as she told the 911 operator, "We heard the front door open and I heard her talking and she's, she's just the sweetest little thing and I heard her voice and we ran out."

When the dispatcher asked if the suspect had a weapon, Edson replied, "No. but he was saying something that he was messed up and someone was going to hurt him or something. But he took my daughter from my home. He said something about he was going to get shot so he took my daughter. I don't know."

She told the dispatcher that her husband was looking for would-be kidnapper in his car and that her daughter was with her. "Are you OK, darling?" she said to her daughter during the call.

"We have officers going there as fast as they can," the dispatcher told Edson, who hung up when officers arrived at her home.

The Tribune interviewed an attorney Miles Holman who was representing Edson and her husband.

"There was no harm to the child physically, the child appears to be happy," Holman told the paper. "This has been an anxiety producing day…It's a nice family. They seem to be doing well considering the circumstances today."

He call it a "small miracle—maybe a large miracle" that the Edson woke up in time to stop the kidnapping.

Morley is being charged with child kidnapping, burglary, criminal trespass.

The paper said Morley's criminal record listed two convictions for driving drunk. He was not listed in the state's sex offender registry.

The near abduction recalled the case of Elizabeth Smart who was 14 when she was snatched from her home in 2002. She was held captive for nine months before being found.