Hurricane Irma: Videos show police officers rescuing American flag

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Hurricane Irma battered Florida and Georgia, but couldn’t keep people there from protecting the American flag.

The Savannah-Chatham Police Department in Georgia posted a video on Facebook Tuesday showing Lt. Greg Ernst saving the Stars and Stripes and holding it up.

"Yesterday on Patriot's Day our officers were checking out the damage from Hurricane Irma and found this flag on Highway 80 struggling to fly," the post explained.

Authorities wrote that Ernst, along with Capt. Ashley Brown, "took a break to rescue the flag. It's drying out now, but they hope to put it back in its rightful place soon!"

Police in Coral Springs, Fla., earlier posted a video on Twitter Monday of 42-year-old SWAT medic Joseph Schiavo walking over and retrieving the Stars and Stripes, before holding it up for display.

“That’s going - cap’s office,” a voice in the clip appears to say.

“Even in the midst of a storm, we are reminded of the love for our country and community. #HurricaneIrma #September11,” the post said.

Schiavo spotted Old Glory, got out of an armored vehicle and rescued the flag while on his way back to the station, Det. Ernesto Bruna told Fox News.

The medic had noticed something funny lying outside, and he and his fellow responders chose to get the item, ABC News reported.

“It felt like an honorable thing to do,” Schiavo told the outlet.

“Obviously it's a great keepsake," Bruna said, revealing that the flag may be hung from inside the rear of the vehicle, which he said has windows in the back.