How Big Brands Did World Emoji Day

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July is always a great month for celebrations. Beyond the classic Fourth of July, there are the less official holidays we love just as much: National Simplicity Day, National Ice Cream Day and, of course, last Sunday’s National Emoji Day.

The day is the brainchild of Jeremy Burge, the founder of site Emojipedia, who created the holiday in 2014. The day has grown into an online happening, with #WorldEmojiDay generating nearly 320,000 tweets in the week of the event and big brands vying for ways to stand apart.

Sony: A human emoji audition


EmojiMovie: Express yourself hits theaters summer 2017. Naturally, Sony Animation couldn’t be outdone on National Emoji Day while producing an emoji movie. The team posted a video of TJ Miller, who is cast in the movie, replicating emojis with his face.

Miller will be the “meh” emoji in the film, but this Twitter video is well beyond “meh.”

Disney: Emoji Zootopia


Disney took to the emoji-filled holiday by recreating its recent movie, Zootopia, using emojis. Zootopia was released March of this year, which stars of a police bunny and a no-good fox who work together to uncover the conspiracy surrounding the town of Zootopia.

Disney also released several other characters in emoji-form, posting them to its Twitter page.

Twitter: Emoji stats


statistics and an infographic

Mets: Emoti-fan

ny mets

We may have missed World Emoji Day, but this fan sure didn’t. The Mets took to Twitter with this photo of a very dedicated fan wearing a happy face emoji mask.

Google: Support for the ladies


Google took a more serious approach to World Emoji Day, with almost 300 emojis that represented working women, acknowledging the diversity sometimes lacking in emojis.

SNL: Classic character emojis

just ones to celebrate classic SNL characters.

McDonalds: Orders up a Big Mac

it used a host of them