'Horror house' mom wanted to be a reality TV star: brother

California mom from hell Louise Turpin wanted to add a 14th child to her brood — so she could land a TV reality show and make money, according to a new report.

“She used to say how they would be perfect for TV and would often ­mention they would be bigger than the reality show ‘Kate Plus 8,’ ” her half-brother Billy Lambert told UK’s The Mirror.

“She thought the world would be fascinated by their lives,” he continued. She and her husband “thought it would make them millions and household names. They didn’t care about the kids – it was all about them.”

Indeed, the Turpin family has captured the world’s morbid curiosity — but only after it was revealed Louise and husband David ritually abused their 13 kids for years — beating them, withholding food and education and shackling them to their beds for weeks or months on end as a sick punishment for infractions as minor as washing their hands above the wrists, authorities said.

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