Homemade Bomb Found in Women's Restroom in Detroit

A homemade bomb was discovered inside the ladies' restroom at Adi's Coney Island diner in southwest Detroit on Saturday afternoon, causing a section of the city to go into lockdown.

A restaurant employee discovered the device, which police called an IED (improvised explosive device) around 3:00pm and immediately called police.

"I went in the ladies room and I was making sure that there was tissue paper on the roll, and looked down beside the toilet, saw a black bottle and picked it up," said employee Barbar Avdolli. "I started looking at it as I carried it out -- I was gonna throw it in the dumpster -- and my boss lady seen the wires on and told me it was a bomb."

The entire neighborhood was blocked off and businesses closed while crews investigators swept the area for other potential threats.

Members of the bomb squad eventually detonated the explosive at a nearby car wash. Officials say people could have been seriously hurt if the device had gone off inside the bathroom. They say a glass bottle was inside the plastic shell, and it was loaded with gasoline.

"It looked like a bicycle water bottle, that goes on a ten-speed," said employee Heather Cyr. "When she flipped it over, I saw the wires and the numbers on it and was like -- this is no water bottle."

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating the incident. Surveillance video is being reviewed, and sources told myFOXdetroit.com they believe their suspect is a woman.

The person responsible is likely to face federal charges. 

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