Hillary Clinton Under a Microscope

Hillary Clinton will call for the United States to lift the Cuban embargo today at a speech at Florida International University in Miami today at 11am.

She’s also speaking to the National Urban League today in Fort Lauderdale.

Clinton getting some positive press today in the L.A. Times. The reporters David Lauter Seema and Mehta write, “Three months into her second presidential bid, Hillary Rodham Clinton has succeeded at an important goal -- pivoting away from a highly restricted campaign style that threatened to cut her off from voters in key early-voting states.”

She’s under increasing scrutiny over her handling of emails while Secretary of State. Clinton kept a private server at home that she used for official State Department business.  Now her lawyer says he has a thumb drive with classified information from five federal agencies, but that it is secure. Senator Chuck Grassley says that’s a violation of national security. Clinton had previously said she didn’t store any classified info on her private email server, and says any classified mails were made so after she had stored them. She may not have knowingly kept classified emails as they may not have been flagged so at the time.

The email story is hurting Clinton’s favorability and may leave an opening for another candidate for 2016 (like Joe Biden).

Meanwhile, Hillary’s campaign is going on the offense against the New York Times over a wrong story they published suggesting a criminal probe into Hillary’s email troubles. We’ll tackle it in our media panel.

We’ve got appearances by other candidates today too. Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley has an event this morning.

There’s an 11:30 town hall by Ohio Governor John Kasich in New Hampshire and Senator Rand Paul has an event at 12:45 in Iowa. There’s also events for Walker, Bush, Christie and Carson today.

French officials are searching the waters in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the island of Reunion looking for more wreckage from what could be Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which disappeared last March while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. A Boeing 777 wing part washed up there. A piece of luggage also found nearby has not been identified as being from the plane. 2 bottles that could be from the plane also found on the beach. We've got Fox team coverage and two analysts.

Zimbabwe is trying to extradite the American dentist who paid more than 50,000 to illegally hunt a beloved lion.

Beijing has been chosen to host the Winter Olympics in 2022.

Another shark attack.. off the coast of Eastern Australia. A surfer spotted a shark, warned others, and then was attacked. He hit the shark but took wounds to the leg and hand. He’s being treated. Will Carr is reporting for us today on new shark drones that could soon be patrolling the waters off a beach near you.

Dylan Roof.. the 21 year old accused of killing nine members of an African American church in South Carolina will be arraigned today. He faces 33 federal charges.

An 18-year-old Wyoming man will likely be extradited to Montana where he allegedly murdered two adults and attempted to murder their 26 year old daughter. The trio had been attempting to help the man after he claimed to have run out of gas. Instead he robbed and then killed them. The 26 year old daughter ran and was shot in the spine.

There’s a crime wave happening in many American cities this Summer. Baltimore’s murder rate up 60%. Murder in New Orleans up 33%, and Saint Louis’ murder rate is up 36%. Peter Doocy reporting.

California making some progress in battling its epic drought. Water usage fell 27% in June.. exceeding the Governor’s call for a 25% reduction.

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