Hawaiian island pounded with giant waves the size of which it hasn't seen in a decade

The Hawaiian island of Oahu this week saw flooding and issued warnings to surfers after its beaches were slammed with waves it hasn't seen in a decade.

This newly released video taken on Oahu's north shore, is believed to show giant waves, some reportedly 50 feet tall, crashing on the beach. Water flooded the parking lot of the Haleiwa Boat Harbor in Oahu during Wednesday morning's high tide.

High winds pummeled the Hawaiian islands Thursday, creating dangerous high surf. Strong wind gusts downed power lines, blew off roofs and caused a tree limb to fall and kill a golfer visiting from Japan. Winds across the islands this week triggered electrical outages and forced road closures.

On the island of Kauai, a large swell swept up the beach, knocking a young girl to the ground, according to a report on Honolulu's KHON-TV's website.

"We had to tell over a hundred tourists yesterday to move back. They were going to get washed away. Then when those waves wash up, they panic and scream, and the parents of that little girl were screaming," witness Terry Lilley said.