Georgia pharmacy intern staged suicide to make it appear he was murdered, police say

A pharmacy intern staged his suicide to make it appear he was murdered, leading his family to believe he was abducted -- until investigators uncovered the deception, police said.

Alvin Ahmed, 25, was identified as

A body found in Gwinnett County's Lake Carlton on July 18 was identified as Alvin Ahmed, 25. The discovery ended more than three weeks of searching for the University of Georgia graduate. Ahmed was reported missing July 16 after last being seen leaving a Publix grocery store where he worked as a pharmacy intern.

“We have closure with the body, but still don’t have closure as to how Alvin got there, and I don’t think we will,” Ahmed’s brother, Kalvin, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The 25-year-old’s family had said they believed Ahmed may have been abducted. Ahmed mentioned to family members and co-workers prior to his disappearance that a group of young men approached and asked him about his watch and car and wanted to know how much money he earned.


Authorities said Wednesday, however, that all indications showed Ahmed killed himself and tried to make his disappearance seem suspicious, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“The phone data contained a note which indicated that Mr. Ahmed staged certain elements of the case to cast suspicion that he had been murdered,” Cpl. Michele Pihera said in an emailed statement to the newspaper.

The note reportedly stated Ahmed’s plan to buy groceries before leaving Publix, turn off his watch and phone and throw them away at the nearby restaurant Atmosphere Bar and Grill, then walk to the lake about two miles from the supermarket.

Police said Ahmed was seen on surveillance video at Publix and walking at Atmosphere Bar and Grill and to Lake Carlton.

“There is no credible evidence that the case was a homicide,” Pihera said.

The medical examiner said Ahmed died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head using a gun the intern purchased in May, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.