A Georgia father said Monday that he was outraged over police use of a taser against his son. The man said his son suffers from autism and officers knew it.

The incident was captured on police dash cam video. The video was presented in a Cherokee County courtroom.

Twenty-three-year-old D.J. Moran said multiple officers surrounded him, cuffed him on the ground and then tasered him, MyFoxAtlanta reports.

"I remember just seeing the concrete and feeling them on my back," said Moran. "That's when they tased me and I asked them please don't tase me."

Canton police were called to a bar two years ago because of a disturbance and were told D.J. Moran had a knife.

Moran has autism and his family says he is extremely sensitive to touch.

Moran admitted that he squirmed and moved around while being cuffed.

"I was terrified, I was terrified," said Moran.

Canton police said Moran struggled with the officers.

Police officials released a statement saying, "The officer used a taser when the suspect failed to cooperate by struggling and resisting, after being instructed to place his hands behind his back. The suspect only complied after the taser was used."

Police charged Moran with multiple felonies, but a jury did not convict him.

Moran was found not guilty both on the weapons charge and the resisting arrest charge.

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