Student athletes at a McRae, Georgia, high school are being disciplined after a “racist” snap surfaced of them posing with white bags over their heads with eyes cut out – appearing to be like the white hoods worn by members of the Klu Klux Klan.

The photo was reportedly taken last week after the Telfair County High School tennis team lost a state tournament game to another Georgia high school team that had several black players, 13WMAZ reported.

The school’s superintendent, Lenard Harrelson, called photo “highly offensive” and said the students involved are being disciplined, though it is not clear how.

A Change.org petition, which has garnered hundreds of signatures, is calling for school officials to prohibit the students from participating in the graduating ceremonies.

The photo reportedly came from Snapchat and then was posted on Facebook.

One user on Facebook said, “This is not kids being kids, this is racists being racist,” calling on the principal to immediately expel the kids in the photo.