Grief counselors are on hand at south Fulton's Langston Hughes High School after a tragic wreck claimed the lives of four students and left a fifth student injured.

Fulton County police said the driver of a Lincoln Navigator ran a red light near the corner of GA-92 and Butner Road, crashing into a semi-truck.

“We didn't hear any tires squealing, heard no screeching. It was just basically one loud boom. But I can understand why it was such a loud boom...that SUV was just totally almost in half,” said Maurice Hollins, who works nearby.

Police said one of the victims was thrown from the vehicle, three others were trapped inside the SUV.

"The three people that were in the Navigator were trapped and pinned in the Navigator. We brought our heavy rescue unit in with the big extrication tools and with our crews after we got clearance from the medical examiner, we did extricate all three of the people," said Deputy Chief Charles Stubbs, Fulton County Fire Department.

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