Florida mother accused of beating up daughter's high school rival

A South Florida woman has been accused of attacking a high school student not once but twice.

Afternoon dismissal at Miami Carol City Senior High turned ugly, Monday, when police said Ernstlatta Lafrance attacked one of her daughter’s classmates — the sister of a girl she believes hurt her teenage daughter at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair.

Rumors have started swirling among students at the high school, after learning of Lafrance’s arrest.

“It is shocking,” said Deeondra Thurston. “People go far to protect their children.”

“Couldn’t tell if she got jumped or not,” said Mystique Williams. “I don’t have kids. I wouldn’t know how that feels for my child to be attacked.”

“Ma’am, you were arrested for burglary with an assault or battery, strong armed robbery with an aggravated battery and child abuse. I will appoint the public defender’s office for you,” said Judge Mindy Glazer to Lafrance during a hearing.

According to the arrest report, 30-year-old Lafrance “punched her face repeatedly while pulling her by the hair” in the school parking lot. Lafrance then reportedly took the 17-year-old’s cell phone before driving away.

However, Miami-Dade Schools Police told 7News the violence did not end there.

The teen showed up at Lafrance’s Opa-locka home to get her phone back, where she claims she was attacked a second time by Lafrance who, detectives said, admitted to taking her fight online as well.

The report said Lafrance “also bragged on Facebook telling the victim that suffering two black eyes was not the end and she would use a gun.”

Two gunshots were fired during the home incident, which Lafrance told detectives were fired by her girlfriend, 28-year-old Erlisa Evans.

“I see how old you are. It’s time to act your age,” said Glazer to Lafrance.