FedEx drivers accused of stealing girl's kitten

There are many lingering questions after the tweet was posted

It could have been the purrrfect crime.

An Indiana woman posted a video on Twitter on Monday that she said showed two FedEx drivers stealing her daughter’s kitten.

The Nest camera footage shows a FedEx ground delivery truck on an idyllic stone driveway. The person on the passenger’s side of the truck can be seen jumping out to allegedly pick up a dark kitten hiding behind the truck with another larger cat.

The individual jumps back into the truck and the two roll away.

"FedEx drivers caught stealing my daughter’s kitten," the post read. "Hoping that this will go viral and at least force the company to respond."

There are many unknowns about the footage. The Twitter user’s name is Katie Hardy, who describes herself as a fifth-grade teacher outside of Covington, Indiana. She told Fox News she reached out to FedEx "more than once," and threatened to turn to social media.

There is no mention of when the alleged theft occurred and FedEx did not respond to an after-hours email from Fox News.


Her post concluded, "Your packages maybe [sic] safe, BUT YOUR PETS AREN’T!!!"