Father, son bag charging 700-pound boar in North Carolina

You might have to go to Washington to find this much pork.

A father-and-son hunting team killed a 707.5-pound wild hog earlier this month deep in the mountains of North Carolina with a single shot. The North Carolina Sportsman reported that Bruce Florence and his son, Jonathan, were on the side of a mountain on Jan. 16 in Transylvania County when the two split up. Bruce sat down while Jonathan investigated a rustling in the brush.

His son managed to flush out three small hogs and just when he was just about to emerge from the thicket, he recalled, "the big boy blasted out."

"He headed straight for my Dad," Jonathan told the magazine.

Bruce, an experienced hog hunter who has killed some in the 150-pound range, likened the Russian boar to a charging buffalo.

"He was bee-lining right at me," he said.

Bruce estimated that the hog was about 30 yards away when it angled just slightly to expose its vitals. Bruce pulled the trigger of his .25-06 rifle and dropped the massive beast.

Bruce took time to compose himself, and his son told the magazine his Dad's hair was standing up like he had "a Mohawk." The father and son utilized the steep terrain to drag the 7-foot, 4-inch hog until others helped moving it.

"We got some good bacon and sausage off this hog," Bruce told the magazine. "We've already eaten the ribs. We got about 150 pounds of sausage, a lot of bacon, and we got one ham and the tenderloins out."

The hog's head will be stuffed and hung in their cabin.

Feral pigs are common in North America, but usually top out at 200 pounds or so. But the Florence's boar is not even close to a record. In 2007, an 11-year-old Alabama boy killed one that weighed in at more than half a ton.