Ex-convict Alex Kelly, tabloids' 1980s 'preppy rapist,' builds career as skydive instructor

The man who gained international infamy as the "preppy rapist" has found a career since his release from prison as a Connecticut-based skydiving instructor.

Alex Kelly was a high school wrestling star in Darien, Connecticut, in 1986 when he was accused of two rapes. As his trial was about to start he fled to Europe, where he lived an adrenaline-filled life of skiing and hang gliding for eight years on the lam.

After surrendering he was convicted in 1997 and spent a decade in prison.

Now 48, Kelly spent six years with Connecticut Parachutists Inc., in Ellington before the company asked him to resign last year over what company officials describe as erratic behavior.

He recently bought a plane and is preparing to open his own Connecticut-based parachuting business.