A man killed a woman in a Florida shopping center parking lot Wednesday, dragged her into his SUV and then drove the wrong-way on a Florida interstate before he was fatally shot by a sheriff's deputy, officials said.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said the suspect shot the woman in a suburban parking lot and pulled her inside his Nissan Rogue before fleeing.

As deputies arrived at the shopping center, callers reported a southbound driver in the northbound lanes of nearby Interstate 95, Bradshaw said.

A deputy and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper arrived moments after the Rogue crashed into three vehicles and forced others off the road, causing injuries.

The officers rushed the Rogue and the trooper shocked the driver with his stun gun, but it didn't work, Bradshaw said.

The deputy then shot the driver, killing him, Bradshaw said. The woman was found dead inside the Rogue. Bradshaw said authorities don't know if the suspect and the victim had a relationship.

Bradshaw said it was later learned the suspect was wanted for a non-fatal shooting Tuesday in West Palm Beach. He did not have immediate details on that shooting. He did not release the name of the suspect, saying his relatives not been identified and notified.

Northbound Interstate 95 in south Palm Beach County was expected to be closed until late Wednesday.

Earlier, officials incorrectly said the suspect stole the woman's car and two people died in a crash.


This story corrects earlier statements from officials that the suspect stole the woman's car and two people died in a crash. .